Comedy goalie

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Comedy goalie

Postby Dave » Sat 16 Oct 2004 15:12

And no, I'm not talking about Peter Enckelman this time... :lol:

Apparently Southend have signed up a local stand-up comedian, Terry Alderton, to play in goal for them as their regular keepers have been injured or suspended. Read more here and here
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Postby spainboy » Sat 16 Oct 2004 17:30

Its come about because of his showingin the Match a TV footy match of celebs managed by Graham Taylor and the legends led by Bobby Robson
The program followed the celebs in their week long training camp.
Biggest surprise was the celebs nearly won can give the legend a very good game (having legs 15 years younger helps )
more here
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Postby herc2ules » Sat 16 Oct 2004 17:31

I read that too on the beeb website.........was wondering if it was a wind-up!!
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