Who do you support??

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Who do you support??

Postby Audrey » Sun 31 Aug 2003 03:43

I've been a football fan for a long time now and my team is Liverpool - my grandparents were from there originally. What about the rest of you?
As for the usual ladies who ask why - simple answer. I have a husband and a son who were football mad so it was a case of join them or be left home alone! and after a while I found I enjoyed the game. I even understand the offside rule.
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Postby Kay » Sun 31 Aug 2003 08:06

I'm not averse to watching football although I don't really support a team. I like to see Birmingham City do well because it makes Dave happy. We used to watch them when they played away in London, and now they're in the Premier we even get to see them on TV sometimes. I understand the offside rule too. I used to play field hockey which has fairly similar rules.
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Postby Terry » Tue 02 Sep 2003 06:26

The mighty Luton Town! None of this girly Premiership stuff.
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Postby hammersfan » Wed 12 May 2004 17:23

West Ham Utd, and unfortunately i've just left the country as we enter the playoffs for the first time!
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Postby nooranismith » Thu 13 May 2004 06:14

Aberdeen, at least I like to see them do well. At least I'd like to see them do well. At least I seem to remember them doing well at one time, long long ago.

Arshiya is more into football than I am. My friends and she will get into animated discussion over offsides and leagues and whatever and I deal with the whisky. She's a Hearts and Roma supporter, who seem to do marginally better than the Aberdeen team.
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