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Ruggie's desert race photos

Looks like we have a few photographers and artists in our midst so here's a place to talk about all photography, art, and related subjects.

Ruggie's desert race photos

Postby Kay » Tue 13 Sep 2005 00:10 GMT

Ruggie posted this link in the HoF. I'm reposting it here before I forget, as there are good candidates in it for POTW.

http://[domain now obsolete]/different/DesertRace2.htm
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Postby ruggie » Tue 13 Sep 2005 18:24 GMT

Thanks for doing the dirty work, Kay.

Once again, these were taken with my old AE-1. Mostly using the zoom at around 85mm, so I was very close, pre-focused, panning like crazy, and pointing the lens to the ground as the dust cloud hit me. Hence the only one with the focus just where I wanted it is the Blue Chip Land Cruiser.... I'd love to make a poster of that one day.
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