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Just missed a really special shot

Looks like we have a few photographers and artists in our midst so here's a place to talk about all photography, art, and related subjects.

Just missed a really special shot

Postby Savannah_Alan » Sat 15 Mar 2008 20:08 GMT

We're having some funky weather here right now. We're under a tornado warning. Some tornados caused quite some damage yesterday in Atlanta.

Anyway, it's hitting here pretty bad right now. I was down in the basement tending to my pump when I walked past the open back door.
It was pouring with rain, but just for a brief moment, the sun burst through. There appeared a spectacular vivid mini rainbow nestling among the trees at about 30 feet off the ground in my land. I've never seen anything like it. It was beautiful.
Of course, I raced upstairs to get my camera. Sally (my dog) raced upstairs with me. She then held me back going back down the stairs despite my desperate calls of "move, move!"

Of course, by the time I got back there, it was gone. It must have just lasted a few seconds. It was an amazing sight.

Damn, missed it... :evil:
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Postby SSue » Sat 15 Mar 2008 23:45 GMT

What a shame Alan, couldn't you kick yourself...?

We get some spectacular vivid rainbows here too, and the last one I saw was a double one, it was a sight to see - of course I don't carry my camera around with me, when anything amazing happens :roll:
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Postby Kay » Sun 16 Mar 2008 16:06 GMT

One of the most amazing sights I've ever seen was to look down on a rainbow. Tim (MIA site admin) and I were in the hills in northern Pakistan. We were above the clouds and could look down on them and see the rain below us. Incredibly, there was also a rainbow. I've never seen anything like it before or since. To be so high up and to look at that was really quite incredible.

Alan, I hope you're OK despite the weather. Take care and stay safe. :)
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