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Postby Kay » Thu 15 Jun 2006 12:11 GMT

This forum is open to the public and therefore is prone to abuse. In much the same way that people send spam or write and spread viruses, there are people who get a kick out of posting deliberately misleading information on fora such as this. In general the admins here identify this and deal with it before you are even likely to see it, but sometimes it might slip through.

The information you will find on this forum is provided by the contributors credited. You have to make a judgement about their credentials and motives and treat the information accordingly. In very close to 100% of cases the information is provided in good faith and reflects the true opinion of the contributor. However, even genuine opinions can turn out to be mistaken, and also things change over time.

You should seek professional advice in addition to the help you will find on this forum, especially before making major decisions about moving from one country to another, residence and tax implications, potential for gain in property value and anything else like that. The contributors here are not necessarily qualified professionals in these fields. Even if a contributor here claims to be an appropriate professional, you must treat the advice they give on this forum as being given in a personal capacity and not in a professional one.
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