Baby due - do we stay or do we go?

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Baby due - do we stay or do we go?

Postby Newlyweds » Wed 29 Jun 2005 10:57

First posting and congratulations to all on an informative and well-managed forum.
Hubby and I (both 30ish) have been hoping to emigrate for a couple of years and now want to get the wheels in motion to arrive in December before baby comes in February. We both work in sales and don't qualify for enough points under skilled migrant.
I have completed the work for a degree in Business which will be assessed in February and hope to do post-grad in teaching in NZ. Since degree not officially completed, it doesn't get us points.
Hub wants to be a plumber but can't get apprenticeship in England as he's 30 although he could do theory qualifications here in UK. NZ training board advised to get residency and then train and qualify as a plumber in NZ - it'll be free and employers get kickbacks.
Looks like he will need a job offer of an apprenticeship in order for us to qualify as skilled migrants. Otherwise we wait for my degree and I do another year or so of postgrad here so emigrate in 2007 which would be disappointing.

Has anyone got experience of getting a job offer as a plumbers apprentice, or any plumbers out there who want a 30 year old apprentice?
Has anyone applied under the student category and then gone on to get residency once qualified? I would be unlikely to be able to study full time in Feb with a new baby.
So many variables I know, but have gone as far as my imagination will allow and now know the immigration rules inside out - still can't see how we can get there.
Apologies for the enormous posting - hope someone can give me advice.
PS - we are interested in Hamilton area/other areas of north Island but not Auckland.
Many thanks
Kirsten, Tim & Bump
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