Heart Attack / Angina - will this cause a problem?

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Heart Attack / Angina - will this cause a problem?

Postby Toonster » Sat 09 Jan 2010 21:20

I've taken this question from here:
Russells wrote:I have angina had heart attack, will this go against any application to imigrate.

Please note: This is not formal immigration advice - I am not a registered immigration adviser. (Last year a rule was passed regarding immigration advisers - they all need to be registered, and, even on forums, we need to be careful!)

I think that you may have issues, depending on the severity of your heart attack and your current angina.

Basically, as per the Handbook for Medical Examiners on the INZ website, New Zealand has a publicly funded health system, similar (but not the same) to the NHS. As with the NHS, the system is always under pressure, and, again, like the UK, there have been problems with people coming to NZ specifically for medical treatment. Therefore, as part of the immigration process, you will need to prove to the officers that you are not going to be a drain on the health system.

Everybody who puts in an application and gets through to the full Invitation to Apply has to have a medical exam. In the UK, this is done by a registered doctor, who is trained in the specific requirements for the immigration process. It will include a blood test and a chest and lung x-ray.

The results of this medical are then included in your application when you send it off (unlike other countries, for NZ, you are allowed to open up the results envelope and see what your results are before you send them off!) A Medical Assessor will then read through your results and perform a preliminary assessment as to whether you are going to be a drain on the system. If s/he thinks there may be a problem, then you will be asked to undergo further tests (at your expense). However, you can then be rejected on the basis of your health. There is an appeals process as well, but I don't have much knowledge of that one.

It would be a good idea for you to get some formal immigration advice from someone face to face - you will need to pay for it, but it would be better to do it up front than to go through the expense of the immigration (you pay for the EOI (when I did it last year it was c£90), you pay for the medicals (ours were £250 each!), you pay for police checks, and you pay for the full application...) and then have it ending up in rejection.

I know it's probably not what you wanted to read, but it's best to go into the situation with your eyes open!

Good luck!
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