Inhalers for my 12 year old

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Inhalers for my 12 year old

Postby JillyB » Sun 24 Jan 2010 23:43

My 12 year old son is asthmatic. Please could someone tell me whether we'd need private health insurance or would we be covered by the NZ equivalent of the National Health Service, and how much would an inhaler cost?

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Postby Toonster » Mon 25 Jan 2010 01:03

It would depend on the insurance provider as to whether an existing condition like asthma was covered.

However, as long as you are registered with a GP, and you are fully resident, you would be able to get the inhaler at a subsidised rate. Depending on what he is on will give the cost - I did a quick search for Ventolin on the Pharmac website:
and it gave me
Aerosol inhaler, 100 mcg per dose CFC free
Ventolin 2026414 $3.80
($6.00) per 200 dose OP
TICK Salamol 2179350 $3.80 per 200 dose OP
TICK Respigen 2272911 $3.80 per 200 dose OP
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Postby JillyB » Mon 25 Jan 2010 15:38

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Postby Dave » Mon 25 Jan 2010 16:06

JillyB, I've locked this topic and your other one - as Toonster rightly says (and as we point out in our guidelines - please read them, if you haven't already), posting in all capital letters is generally taken to represent shouting on the Internet. Please don't do it here. Thanks.
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