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Postby Parkerchops » Mon 15 Aug 2011 12:02

Hey Everyone,

New to this and only just starting out on my Visa application.

Just wondering if anyone knows if you have to have a medical and an approx figure on how much it would cost?
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Postby Toonster » Wed 17 Aug 2011 09:15


Welcome to the rollercoaster :-) It's a bit of a stressful journey but well worth it!

Yes, you will need to have a medical as part of the visa process - once you have got your main visa application (not for the basic Expression of Interest part if you are going for the Residence Visa)

When I did it in mid 2009, it cost me somewhere between £250 and £300 for both me and my husband (I don't have the exact figures). You need both a medical assessment, including blood tests and a chest x-ray, and it needs to be from an approved doctor (there's a list on the immigration website - ... octors.htm). Because it's a private appointment (even if the doctor belongs to an NHS practice), you don't need to go to your nearest one, so it is worth shopping around, as there can be a difference in price!
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