Lower Hutt, Wellington - Can I Help?

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Lower Hutt, Wellington - Can I Help?

Postby Marky C » Thu 12 May 2005 22:17

My family and I moved from Yorkshire UK, to Lower Hutt last year. I found this forum a great help.

So to that end, it's my turn. If anyone is thinking of moving to this region and has any questions I may be able to help.

I have quite a few photos of the local area and some from farther afield (some even in focus).

A few of them cane be seen at http://www.thecoolings.com but if you have any special requests, I'm just looking for an excuse to get in the car, camera in hand.
Marky C
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Postby poppins12 » Fri 10 Jun 2005 11:11


I too am originally from Yorkshire (Doncaster) and I'm in the process of filling in my expression of Interest form to move to the Wellington area. I have looked at a few properties on line and the hutt valley seems a reasonably priced place to live. My sister and 2 nieces are also thinking about moving and schools would be her main concern (2 girls aged 5 & 7) could you give me any information about the schooling system over there, is it catchment areas etc like over here, do they have league tables etc, any info would help. Also a few quick questions about things you have taken with you, was the removal firm you used good, is it worth taking things like sofas and beds etc, because of the cost of shipping? Can you recommend a good shipping company. Also how long did the whole process take from Expression of Interest form to residency? Is the house buying process easy etc. Anything you can tell me which may make our move go smoothly would help.


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Re: Lower Hutt, Wellington - Can I Help?

Postby Diane Francklin » Sun 12 Jun 2005 14:29

Marky C wrote:If anyone is thinking of moving to this region and has any questions I may be able to help.

Hello Mark,
I currently hold Australian citizenship, having emigrated there 10yrs ago and then returning to the UK. My new husband and and I are now seriously thinking of taking the plunge to NZ. I believe that he would initially have to get a working visa and then once in residence I can sponsor him, is that right?
After some research we've decided Wellington is the place to aim. We'd be looking for a suburb within commuter distance to the city and seen several affordable places in Kapiti. Is that a reasonable distance or too far? It looks cheaper that Lower Hutt but practicalities are all important. I have a 13 yr old son and we're all hoping for a home near enough to the city for work etc but close enough to the country and sea to benefit from their leisure pursuits. What would you recommend?
I'm anticipating that you're going to be a great resource in the coming months.
Diane Francklin
Diane Francklin
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Possible move to Wellington - what's it really like?

Postby anne40hall » Wed 17 Aug 2005 11:06

Hi, my husband is going through interview process with a big company and is now likely to receive a job offer in the Wellington office. We have a son who will just have finished GCSEs if we do get there (next summer) - what's it like a year down the line? Things such as weather, working ethos vs. leisure time, cost of living, etc? We love skiing and walking, but just slighting concerned that there may not be quite so many opportunities for a 16 year old who wants to be a sound engineer (as well as becoming a famous rock star, of course). I am a primary school teacher so I guess finding a job would not be too bad.

I'd be most grateful for any feedback!

Kind regards
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Postby Marky C » Tue 28 Mar 2006 03:00

I must appologise for my absence from the forum. When I placed the post offering help, I set the options to e-mail me if anyone replied. You did reply but I was never told. It was a long time ago and I actually remember feeling odd that nobody had any questions. It didn't damn on me to log on to the forum. Sorry

I know these answers will be too late for the original respondants, but they may be of use to others.

1. Weather - There is no kiwi word for drizzle! When it's sunny, it is really quite hot (high uv). When it rains, it really means it, and we really do get horizontal rain that doesn't land. Where I live which is at the top of one of the western hills of lower hutt, during winter my house can end up sat in low cloud for a few days. Humidity in NZ housing can be quite a problem.

2. What we brought with us - We were lucky in the fact that my company paid for my transit costs. We used Britannia, with a local depot in Rotheram I think and they were great. One of the umpa lumpas estimated that the move was probably cosing around £4k. We brought everything that wasn't bolted down, and for that I am glad. Living costs here are an oddity. Food is a little cheaper, insurance is much cheaper, however electricals are a little more expensive and the price of books is phenomenal

3. EOI – We came out under work permits and have recently gained residency. The time from EOI to residency was the best part of 6 months

4. House buying – House buying is a freaky process here. When you decide you want a particular house you sing an agreement and confirm a deposit amount there and then. At this stage you are “conditional”, i.e. that agreement will probably have a clause in it that says “subject to getting finance”. If anything goes wrong, i.e. you are refused finance, you can walk and take your deposit with you. This conditional phase will only last for a few weeks, after that you have to go “unconditional”, now you are obliged to buy the house, and if you walk you loose the deposit.

5. Kapiti Coast – is the western coast outside of Wellington. It contains a large population of Brits and generally has warmer weather that Wellington or the Hutt. You will be looking at a 1 hour train commute I think, but since I’m in the hutt and commute 5 minutes to work in the Hutt I’m not sure of the exact timings

6. Urban v Rural – You are never far away from the countryside or a beach. Even if you live in central Wellington, you can hit lots of nice countryside within 30 mins. The greater Wellington region is jam packed with great rugged beaches and places to walk. What NZ lacks in urban amenities it makes up for with green.
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Yorkshire to New Zealand does it work?

Postby Big bird » Tue 28 Mar 2006 21:44

My husband has been offered a job offer this morning in the motor trade (sales). The job is in Wellington and we would like a few pointers as to where is a nice place within 30 min commute.
We have two children, aged 4 and 1yr old. How do we get their names on a waiting list for school/pre-school? Our son is due to start full time school here in September in reception class.
We are concerned regarding the weather as my husband says he is not moving unless the weather is a vast improvement on the UK!
I understand that maybe the wine growing regions are a nicer climate, we have just started looking in to where to live just as long as hubbie can sell cars and have a nice home preferably near a beach (for me) we are open to suggestions!
I am on a career break from the civil service does anyone know if there is an equivalent in New Zealand?
Hope to hear from someone soon!
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