Oh, Vienna!

Oh, Vienna!

Postby moolag » Wed 06 Jul 2011 13:33

Hi all.

I am sure that you’re all sick and tired of these kinds of posts / questions, but I have to ask!

I am hoping to move to Malta to work. I have years of call centre / account management experience, and also editorial work.

As another poster has stated, I don’t speak German, just English.

I need some advice on (and I know it will differ from job to job) whether there are companies / recruitment which would interview you in the UK / over the telephone. At least before any final interview.

In other words, would I need to up sticks and move to Vienna – and then look for work, or is there possibilities of securing something before leaving?

Also - I have read that call centre work could be ok for English speaking roles- but would anybody know if editorial type work could also be a possibility?

Just really want to widen my options before I go looking for work.

Any help much appreciated
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