children born in France

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children born in France

Postby SQUIRREL » Sat 15 May 2004 16:32

Hello everyone!
I 've been living in France for many years now (Paris, Villeneuve sur Lot...).
In fact I would appreciate some advice from anyone who is able to do so.
I have a young son, whose father is French and he took his name at birth.
We were never married and seperated as I filed a complaint for violence.
I have the custody and we never never seen the father since(more than 2yrs).
My wish is to change his name to mine, as he has never known his father.(
My son has a British passport, so I think I can do this through a deed poll procedure.....but what are the consequences in France??...would I have to inform the father?, Would he keep his French birth certificate?...The fathers rights?
Thankyou for any info as I do not wish to make silly decisions
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Postby chabrenas » Tue 23 Nov 2004 16:48

Squirrel, I think you had better start by contacting your nearest British Consulate. Their advice is likely to be more accurate than anyone else's.
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Its quite simple

Postby sperry » Sat 16 Sep 2006 19:48

Under French law, your child is free to use his father's name, his mother's name or both in any order.
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