Taking dog back to UK

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Taking dog back to UK

Postby EmilyB » Thu 08 Feb 2007 17:46

I am hoping to take my dog to UK in March for 3 weeks. She has a blood test and rabies vaccination - we travelled to Spain last year - but her microchip was only inserted in Jan.
I wondered if anyone had any experience of the border controls & how rigorously they check the paperwork ?

Many thanks

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Postby ruggie » Fri 09 Feb 2007 19:36

Inspection at channel borders varies a bit, but it's usually fairly rigorous. Talk to your vet - I think you'll find that you need to have the dog checked and certified within 24 hours of the time you cross the channel.
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Postby buttler34 » Wed 30 Apr 2008 12:51

I think we still have to wait for the right changes, traveling with pets is quite difficult, we all encounter paper problems.
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