pregnant in France

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pregnant in France

Postby rubyred » Mon 04 Sep 2006 15:44


I am currently staying in the Vendee as guests in a friends house whilst we try to buy in the Creuse, we have signed the compromise of sale (this is our 2nd time the last house fell through due to too many successors) we are told that we should complete in Nov but we have heard this before and I have recently discovered I am expecting our second baby, end of Dec/beg Jan - we were planning to be in our new house and registered but I am sceptical and worried that we will still be visitors with the new health card as our only cover which I am sure will not help me - especially if I went into early labour - we were not going to register in the Vendee because of our temporary nature and so I am concerned that I ought to rush back to the uk where I will recieve the full NHS maternity care package - Can you offer information that can help me decide the best course of action - I don't want to miss out on the benefit of the reputed top health care system unles I have to .
Do you know anything about maternity care in France for visitors??
Many thanks in advance
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