French vaccination law

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French vaccination law

Postby agileflower » Tue 12 Dec 2006 18:14

I am a the wife of a UK Citizen who is hoping for a position that happens to be located in France. We are interested in reading about vaccination law in France, not ony for ourselves but for our son who will be with us and will be school aged in a couple of years. My husband is fluent in French so the language source can be in French--and he is a lawyer so not afraid of heavy legal jargon! We'd so appreciate any information you could point us to. Most of what I get when googling 'vaccine law france' and similar strings is information on travelling on holiday to france, or pet vaccines etc....
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Postby coco » Sat 06 Jan 2007 23:38

Hi, you can click on the current calender link here:
Think it's pretty much similar to the UK
Best wishes for your move.
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Postby Pimali » Tue 08 May 2007 03:56

Lucky you! I happen to have my children's "carnets de santé" (health books) next to my desk, so there are a few informations about vaccination for children.
Complulsory: BCG, (against tuberculosis), and the vaccine grouping tetanos/diphtera/poliomyelitis.(DTP)

You are encouraged to get your child vaccined against meningitis and hepatitis B, as well as against measles/mumps/rubella (rougeole/oreillons/rubéole= ROR)

Children are usually vaccined when born: DTP in all cases, and BCG is compulsory if the child is going to creche ot any group where he/she is in contact with other children.

Schools check whether your child has been vaccinated (BCG & DTP), if not you have to get him/her vaccinated at once (unfortunately, children coming from African countries without any immunation, were accepted in a parisian school and spread tuberculosis among those who where not vaccined, other children recently arrived in France; a few died, it was some years ago. So now schools do check...)

Seems all to me! I hope I was beeing clear and that my English is OK... :lol:
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