Oh Dear...

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Oh Dear...

Postby SKennedyJones » Thu 12 Jun 2014 12:53

Well, first of all, hello!

Secondly, erm, is there anyone here?

Just looked at the last post dates in the various forums and it looks like I may have stumbled upon a rather quiet backwater on the internet :(

So, is there anyone out there?
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Postby Kay » Thu 12 Jun 2014 14:02

Hello again, Steve.

Things change fast on the Internet. There are new competitors cropping up all the time, and most of them have much more lax moderation than we do. So, naturally, some people drift to them if they prefer a more free for all atmosphere.

We tend to prefer quality over quantity and thus have remained small. Our main competitor was taken over by a major US corporation (Internet Brands) some years ago, and they in turn were soon gobbled up by another international behemoth.

My preference is to keep the private ownership and community we have here rather than being sucked into another faceless corporation.

A lot of people also use social media for communication now rather than fora (everyone else says "forums" these days). There are pros and cons of doing that, of course, but I believe that each form of communication has its place according to what one is trying to achieve in terms of socialising, growing a business, expanding your reach, etc.

Now that you've found our "General" forum, you might be better able to make some contacts on there.

Maybe the people in France are too busy dancing the Can-Can, drinking wine, and scoffing great food to be hanging out on a forum.

The thing is that people don't post because people don't post.

Or some people do post but only for the wrong reasons, eg self-promotion or for their personal gain. (The Bulgaria forum was the worst for that. Oh dear.)

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