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Fault reports

Sending Private Messages to Free Members

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Sending Private Messages to Free Members

Postby Kay » Sun 4 Jan 2015 08:28 GMT

It's been the case for some time that only Premium Members (and their equivalents) have access to the private message system. Therefore, the free members can neither send nor receive PMs.

However, as part of the forum upgrade (Jan 2015) a new glitch has come to light. This means that those with access to PM facilities can now write and send PMs to free members (which they couldn't do before). However, the system that free members can't use the PM facility still holds - so you can now send PMs to them but they can't access or read them.

We're working on fixing it to avoid Premium Members being able to send messages to those who can't receive them. Meanwhile, if you could please just remember that free members can't receive these so don't waste your time sending them.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We'll let you know when this fault has been resolved. (But I have to admit we have some higher priorities to deal with first.)
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