Big changes to the Malta forum!

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Big changes to the Malta forum!

Postby Kay » Tue 11 Apr 2006 17:19

Many thanks to our moderator, Tim, for all his hard work and dedication to the Malta forum, and to our members who have made this a busy and useful place.

There's now so much information about Malta here we've decided we need to reorganise things to make information easier to find. We're going to make a dedicated Malta forum (similar to what we already have for Canada, Australia and Spain).

We'll move all the existing threads into separate categories, such as housing, education, etc, and will also have some where you may just "talk" about life in general in Malta and Gozo.

This, we hope, should make it easier for people to find the information they seek - as well as to retain a friendly exchange of news and friendship.

While we implement this change we will need to lock the existing Malta forum - otherwise anything posted during the move will be lost. So our apologies for this inconvenience but we hope you'll agree that it'll be an improvement when it's done. (We're hoping it'll only take a few hours.) So if you find the board locked, please try again later.

Once the move is complete, please help us to keep things in order by posting in the right category and by keeping threads on topic. It creates quite a bit of extra work for us if we have to split threads which cover various topics.

Thanks for reading and we hope you will enjoy the new forum!

Kay & Dave
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Postby Dave » Wed 12 Apr 2006 03:27

Hi Folks

The switchover's now complete - hope you enjoy the new forum!

As Kay says, please post on the relevant boards. Also please look to see if your question has already been answered, and join in the appropriate thread. If the info you seek genuinely isn't here, by all means ask by starting a new topic.

Hope this helps.

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