Links to newspaper articles don't work!

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Links to newspaper articles don't work!

Postby Tim » Sat 15 Apr 2006 15:15

Now and then we post short quotes from a local newspaper article and add a link so that you can read the online version of the complete article. Usually the paper concerned is The Times of Malta which is the most objective Maltese newspaper.

Unfortunately The Times of Malta only keeps articles online for a month from the publication date. So you are quite likely to come across links that result in a 'page not found' error. At the moment there's nothing we can do about that - we can't quote entire articles because it would breach copyright - but the links are normally only there to prove that the quoted section hasn't been made up, so you will just have to trust us after the month is up!!

If you're really keen, you can buy a ticket to view pages from the newspaper's archives. We've never tried this and it seems a bit pricey, but if the info is important to you it could be worthwhile. A cheaper alternative would be to visit a library when you are in Malta. They keep archives of the newpapers, and the library staff (in Gozo anyway!) are very helpful. The publication date of the articles quoted here is usually the day of the posting, or a few days beforehand.

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