Considering buying a place in Birzebugga

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Considering buying a place in Birzebugga

Postby pauljd701 » Sat 05 Jul 2014 06:40

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are considering buying a place in Birzebugga, right on Pretty Bay. We have been living in Malta for about 2 years now and its great. We initially lived in St. Julians, but moved after a year because of how noisy and to be honest how bad the tourist and language student behavior was. We moved to Naxxar and its been great. We like going out etc, but its great to be somewhere a bit more maltese and quieter.

We found a place in B'bbuga and it right on the bay. The things I wonder about is the noise at night from both the tourists (if there are many), and from the freeport. Also the commute from B'bugga to St. Julians.

Any other advice nonliving there would be welcome.

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