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State schools/education

What's the school in Xaghra like?

Here's the place to discuss schools in the state system. Private schools are commercially operated businesses just like any other, so they're included with all the other premium content. Any posts here about non-state schools will be removed.

Postby gozomark » Fri 21 Sep 2012 20:58 GMT

A good starting point is. ... hp?t=21114

1. An EU citizens legal rights - residency, working, students
2. what sort of residency is available ?
3. what do I need to apply for if I want to reside in Malta ?
4. do I need to apply for residency before coming to live in Malta ?
5. do I need an accountant to apply for residency ?
6. do I need health insurance ?
6.1 Do I qualify for public health cover, and if I do, what cover do I have ? Are prescriptions free ?
7. can I work in Malta ?
7.1 How much is income tax ?
7.2 How much are social security contributions ?
8. where do I apply for my residency certificate ?
9. where can I get the OR application form ?
10. where do I apply for my ID card ?
11. what documents do I need to apply for OR ?
12. can I vote in Malta ?
13. buying a property FAQ
14. renting a property FAQ
15. Importing a vehicle FAQ
16. What's the procedure for importing/exporting a pet ?
17. Can I use my driving licence in Malta ?
17.1 Applying for driving licence
18. Long term residency certificate
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Postby Jayjayjay » Sat 22 Sep 2012 08:44 GMT

what a relief as we just changed ours! Thanks for diverting me to the correct forrum as i was unaware of it!
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