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State schools/education

Couple of questions about primary schools...

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Couple of questions about primary schools...

Postby kathryn1234 » Mon 17 Jun 2013 10:35 GMT


We are hoping to move from the UK to Malta at the end of October.
My little boy turns 2 next March. I just wanted to check if what I've found so far on the Internet etc is correct and if there is anything else I may need to know that I'm missing...

Do Children start school from 3 in Malta? If correct that seems to be the same as the UK, if staying in the UK he would go for 5x mornings a week at 3yrs old. Is it the same in Malta? What are the school day hours?

For financial reasons it is unlikely we would be opting for private schools. Am I correct in thinking that most schools will accommodate lessons in English?

Due to work we would be living in the Bugibba, Qawra, St Paul's area initially. I have done a few online searches and come across St Paul's Primary. Does anyone have any experience with this school?

Also is there a genral government website that will list all the schools in that area so I could read up online?

I know it's still a while until he will be starting but I'm just curious to know what the schools are like.

Thanks in advance for any replies :D

I'm sure I will have many many more questions as the time to move draws closer. It's one thing moving to a different country but to do this with a little baby as well it adds a whole different stress to the matter doesn't it!

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Postby Cuauhtli » Wed 19 Jun 2013 11:35 GMT

School is mandatory from the age of 5. Many parents send their kids to Kindergarten (I & II) from the age of 3 (or even earlier).

School hours are from around 8:00/8:30 to 12:30/13:30

Not sure on how much is taught in English in state schools. It will depend a lot on the school and how many kids are non-maltese in the classes. You should have an advantage from your location since there are a lot of foreigners in that area. I have no idea about St Pauls but we've heard that Santa Clara in Pembroke is quite good (if you're prepared to do the drive down).

For a list of schools a good start is Wikipedia:
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Postby kathryn1234 » Wed 19 Jun 2013 13:58 GMT

Thanks for your reply. I will take a look at Wikipedia and the school in Pembroke you mentioned.
Yeah it shouldn't be a problem driving to a school.
I'm not sure how long we will stay in that area but I know it could be a minimum of about a year so thought I better see whats available close by just in case!
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