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State schools/education

Making the right decision on my Daughter's education

Here's the place to discuss schools in the state system. Private schools are commercially operated businesses just like any other, so they're included with all the other premium content. Any posts here about non-state schools will be removed.

Making the right decision on my Daughter's education

Postby svc1406 » Thu 17 Oct 2013 17:49 GMT

I am looking for a suitable school for my Daughter. As she is now 13 and in Y9 in UK, this is an extremely important time in her education. Therefore, I do not want to make any mistakes when making a decision on where to go.
I am concerned mainly about hearing that in the State schools, pupils are taught mainly in Maltese. I am concerned that it will be difficult for her to keep up with her studies, whilst trying to take on the new language.
Does anyone know the best solution. Does anyone know the pros/cons of State/Private/Church education in Malta. And what is best when trying to select for a Y9 child.
Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.
Thanks all.
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Postby gozomark » Thu 17 Oct 2013 18:06 GMT

As you say, a big decision regarding your daughter.

I can't comment on schools as I dont have kids, but in general terms most Maltese speak Maltese when with Maltese - although most Maltese speak English to at least a decent level, its not the language of everyday life for most Maltese.
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