EU insists on scrapping Arriva’s two-tier prices

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EU insists on scrapping Arriva’s two-tier prices

Postby gozomark » Wed 18 Dec 2013 15:18 ... ces.499441

"The European Commission has issued a second warning to Malta over Arriva’s bus fare structure, under which non-residents are charged a higher price.The Commission had lodged a formal case last January accusing Malta of infringing EU rules."
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Two tier bus pricing to end.

Postby FOXGLOVE » Fri 03 Jan 2014 12:56

So it is announced today, by the Transport Minister, that the two tier pricing on the buses will end on Monday 6th Jan.2014.

Any guesses how long it will be before someone tells the drivers!

Some are still not aware that the e-Residence car with 60+ on the back has taken the place of the 'Karte Anzjan' for EU residents of Malta.

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