No need to blush!

...and in these threads too. But you'll have to dig out the nuggets yourself! These are legacy threads from the good old days of the flatform forum that are just too daunting to upgrade!

No need to blush!

Postby Tim » Sat 15 Apr 2006 17:52

The posts on this board give a flavour of how things used to be before we outgrew ourselves! When these threads developed we were small enough that everybody could keep up with things, so it didn't matter that they went off in various tangents, possibly never to get back on-topic! If you are one of the people whose threads appear here, it's nothing to feel ashamed about - you were only following the system we had then! It's great that you contributed so much - we all value it and I hope you will continue contributing now.

The difference is that now we're getting quite a few new visitors. It's difficult for them to find information in these rambling threads, so they start new threads asking about stuff that's already there, if only they could find it. We've upgraded this forum to make it easier for people to find the info they need and to avoid all this repetition. Therefore the threads on this board have been locked, and I hope that new threads on the subject-specific boards will stay succinct and on-topic, while everybody has a good old chinwag in the Knight and Rabbit!

See you there, and you know what mine will be!!...


PS if you find information in these posts that you think really should be placed on one of the other boards because it is important and isn't already adequately covered, then please reply to this thread with the details and I'll press the magic buttons! ...T
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