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UK Legislation

Etias (sorry I hope this is the correct forum!)

This forum is for all the aspects of UK law that may affect expats - tax, social security, health, pensions, citizenship etc.

Etias (sorry I hope this is the correct forum!)

Postby Dir33 » Fri 1 Dec 2017 19:29 GMT

Greetings all this seems like a wonderful forum and I look forward to checking though all the different posts on here! I understand that etias isn't finialised or introduced yet however I have a question burning a hole in the back of my head that I can't seem to find an answer anywhere for! On the etias website it states that 95% of people should be approved however I know that criminal record is brought up and t states that anyone with a serious record (terrorism/fraud to name a few) will be rejected however a few years ago I receive a police caution for drug posession (stupidity on a night out when younger) and I am extremely concerned that this will stop travel for any of my future plans.. can someone shed their opinion on this matter as it's really bugging me as I'm pretty sure Europe doesn't look as harshly on drug charges as say America. I almost forgot to add no jail time and was a 1 time caution for class A (cocaine) thank you for any replies!
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