i have a tax query, can you help?

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i have a tax query, can you help?

Postby Tracy Brennan » Wed 28 Nov 2007 12:35

I hope you will be a little patient if I get this wrong, this is my first time. My partner's company want to sent him to India. He will be working for a UK owned company on a Panamanian vessel and understands he may be liable for up to 40% tax whilst in the country. Can anyone confirm whether this is the case and, if so, will he be able to claim it back once he's back in the UK. Thanks & Regards, Tracy
Tracy Brennan
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Postby kaveri » Sat 31 Jan 2009 08:14

I would rather think he might not claim back the amount which has already been taxed. Though I say this because I have heard similar things happening to someone who came to work from foreign countries in this place. In any case if you have not got the answers already some help can be taken from the financial forums at other places.
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