Malaria Medication

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Malaria Medication

Postby Isobel » Wed 19 Jan 2005 16:51


I have actually posted this query on another post and realised that I should have posted a new topic.

I have been offered a job in Delhi and am due to leave the UK at the end of February. One of the issues that I have some confusion over is Malaria medication and was wondering if you could help me as I know you were in Delhi for sometime.

The general consensus appears to be that you should take some medication however bearing in mind I am scheduled to be there for 6 months I am not happy about taking the tablets for 6 months. I am not sure that the medication is supposed to be taken long term and am worried about the effects of taking malaria pills for such a long period of time. Also on my last trip I didn't feel as though the tablets suited me and so was just going to try and manage using prevention methods i.e. mosquito net, creams and sprays i.e. DEET and a coil or a plug with a tablet which I believe can all be purchased in Delhi.

I would be ever so grateful for any advice you could give me on how you coped with this problem.

Thank you

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Postby Kay » Thu 20 Jan 2005 07:58

Hi Isobel

It is possible to get malaria in India (possibly even in New Delhi?) so the official advice is to take the tablets. The FCO insisted that we should do so and issued us with a large supply of tablets.

I threw the tablets in the back of a cupboard and chucked them in the bin when we left the country. (Waste of tax payers' money.)

In New Delhi, you're more at risk of dengue fever during a certain season (can't remember when, exactly).

Anyway, I can't "advise" you as I have no medical qualifications whatsoever. I can tell you what I do: try to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Consider sleeping under a net (we've done it in some places but we didn't in Delhi). Keep your ankles covered (socks/long trousers) after dusk. Wear mozzie-repellent. Drink plenty of alcohol and smoke cigarettes (they don't like smoke).

Citronella candles smell nice and seem to be good at keeping the mozzies away. You can buy them locally so don't worry about finding them to bring.

In almost four years in New Delhi, I only know one person who got malaria, and he didn't get it in New Delhi.

Take the tablets or take a risk. Statistics say it won't be you.

Good luck!

Kay :D

PS I'm sure you'll enjoy Delhi, it's an interesting place.
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