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Driving in US with UK licence?

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Driving in US with UK licence?

Postby Mark1976 » Sat 27 Dec 2008 22:35 GMT


I've been in the US for two years but not driven here. I live in NYC and really have had no need until now. I'm planning a road trip.

Can you tell me if it's OK to use my UK licence? I heard you can only use it for the first year? Is this true?

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Postby Graeme » Sun 28 Dec 2008 16:38 GMT

I'm not sure about the USA but I think it is the same as Canada, you can drive on your UK license for 3 months then you need to take the Canadian test. You can drive for the first year on your UK license but you need to have an international driving permit as well to do this. However if you are resident then this doesn't always work, it's good for Uni students in their first year, 1 year visa holders, but not permanent residents. Some states don't accept the international drivers license, here in Canada we will take the international driving permit, but we need to see your UK drivers license too, then any tickets or fines go against the UK license. Since you are resident over 1 year, you need to get your USA license, that may help with your green card application as well?
Good luck.
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