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My uk fiance lost his job, can I get him over here?

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My uk fiance lost his job, can I get him over here?

Postby midwestgirl » Tue 23 Feb 2010 20:08 GMT

Posted: Tue 23 Feb 2010 12:15 GMT Post subject: my fiance is british, just laid off, can I get him here?
Hello, I am brand new to this forum. I jumped over from the UKyankee forum to here because my situation has changed a bit and they advised I talk to you guys! My fiance and I are due to marry on June 5th, 2010 in the states. I was going to move to the UK after the marriage, but just when it all was looking good, my fiance was laid of AGAIN! and now he is unemployed and has some savings. He is a commercial airline pilot. Bad times for all...I just graduated from college and will be pursuing my masters in education, which means I won't have a very significant income. My parents are doctors, pretty well to do, and could be good options as sponsors.

My two questions are:
1) what do we need to do in order to keep our wedding date for June 5th, and still get my fiance over here?
2) He is interested in an internship type program that would get him more hours flying so he could fly in the regionals. Could he stay in the states while he waits for his greencard and pursue this program in the meantime since it is unpaid?

I hope someone out there can help...I really appreciate these forums, they are real lifesaver sometimes. Thank you sincerely, in advance
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Yes you can. (I think)

Postby williamcecil007 » Wed 10 Mar 2010 14:00 GMT

I am a UK citizen who married a US fiance in 2006. I pretty much lived here since August 2005. We got married in Feb 2006. Filed for my greencard in March 2006 and I had it in my hand by July. My Social Security Number was another story - it took until November before I got it. Not having a Social Security Number stopped me getting my driving license and lots of other hassles. I was lucky though because I was able to continue my UK employment based out of the USA right up until after I got my Social Security Number. So long as your fiance plans to go back to the UK or leave the USA every 90 days or 180 days he can come in multiple times on the normal US/UK Visa Waiver Program He can do this for quite a while. I did it for almost a year from 2004-2005. The only draw back is if the immigration people think you are living here and not visiting when you come in, they can deport you. To get around this your fiancee can apply for a US visa at the US Embassy in London. Having a US non-immigrant Visa means that the immigration people at the arriving airport can't deport you on a whim. They have to let you in and then a judge has to decide. I recommend you get a lawyer or alternatively read one or bohth of these books. US Immigration Made Easy and Fiance & Marriage Visas published by NOLO. They cost $45 each but are worth it. You can have my copies of these books but they are from 2005 time frame (11th edition and 2nd edition respectively). You may want the most recent editions. I read these books but ended up using a lawyer anyway. I was so surprised I got my green card in only 4 months after I got married. By the way getting a Fiance or marraige visa from the US Embassy in the UK (London) probably makes most sense for you. It is the most legitimate way to handle things since when he flies here his intention is to marry. The times I was flying to the US this wasn't true for me for various reasons - my UK divorce was still in process and although I was staying with my fiance while in the US we has not finalized our marraige date for obvious reasons. Strictly speaking if your fiance comes here and plans to get married within a few months you probably should apply for a fiance or marraige visa out of London BEFORE he flies here. That way you are totally "clean". Sorry for the rambling but I hope it helps.
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Postby richard-ox-uk » Thu 15 Apr 2010 16:26 GMT

I cant see the sense of bringing him to the usa with its current levels of unemployment.
qualified pilot notwithstanding - he will still be a forewigner and as such at the bottom of any list for employment.
I am returning to the uk next month after 5.5 long years dealing with the us brand of overt racism - particulalry expressed whenh it comes ot employment!
He would be better off seeking employment in europe/scandinavia/NZ/Australia etc - in fact anywhere but the usa.
Sorry to be negative but its better to face the truth before making decisions which will be regretted later.
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