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advice on transferring money to the UK

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advice on transferring money to the UK

Postby williamcecil007 » Wed 10 Mar 2010 13:39 GMT

I transfer significant amounts of money to the UK every month as child support. It currently costs me a lot of fees on both ends AND it is very inconvenient I need to go to the bank every month in person and wait while they have to re-type the same wire transfer details every month. Once in a while the bank here messes up and it doesn't go through and I have to repeate the process. I have two questions I am seeking help with... 1) are there cheaper methods to transfer money to the UK? and 2) are there easier ways to do it - perhaps on-line provided the fees are not crazy. My bank does not have any on-line method to do wireless transfers. I do know that I can make a less expensive domestic transfer to HSBC USA in NY and they transfer for free to HSBC UK (based on putting the UK bank details in the form). HSBC UK charge about $15 at the receiving end - but I still need to go in person to my bank to initiate this initial domestic wire transfer which is often a pain and especially if I am travelling.
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Postby Kay » Wed 10 Mar 2010 13:56 GMT

Hi williamcecil007

Welcome to the British Expat forum. I realise that you're asking about transferring money from the US to the UK, but you might have more chance of getting help and answers on our dedicated currency forum. It covers all countries.

Here's a direct link to it for your convenience: ... m.php?f=91

Good luck!
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