Modest Requirements.

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Modest Requirements.

Postby PeaCakes » Tue 03 Sep 2013 08:38

We are now sure we will move to Gozo. Hopefully by the end of the year as our house over here is now on the market. We will need to rent first I suppose to get a feel for the areas. Plus of course I assume it takes a few months to complete a purchase anyway.
Our requirements are modest I think, to be able to walk to......a grocer, bakery, bar and restaurant or two and somewhere to buy a newspaper. I suppose drive to a supermarket for the main shop.
I read nice things about Sannat, Xaghra and Xewkija. What are the main differences between these three villages?
What do you like about where you live in Gozo?
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Postby gozomark » Tue 03 Sep 2013 10:18

all three places have what you want (Sannat doesn't have a bakery, but has bread vans every day) - I wouldn't worry too much about which town - the differences within each town are greater than the differences between the towns. Towns in Gozo can be divided into

1. tourist - Marsalforn, Xlendi
2. the rest
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Postby Mr Lally » Tue 03 Sep 2013 12:41

We lived in Fontana and loved the fact we could walk through the old town (of Victoria) in the evening and into the main square for a beer, but at the same time it was very quiet in the village (aside from the obligatory cockerill.) There's a baker, 3x grocer/small shop, chemist and old man on bench, as well as a playground for any little ones. There's also an ancient communal washroom should you not wish to have a washing machine.
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Postby dp600 » Wed 04 Sep 2013 05:07

Xaghra Has at least 3 Butchers,3 Supermarkets, Baker and a Garage that sells newspapers(Maltese and British),Many Bars and Restaurants and is close to the sea .
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Postby PeaCakes » Fri 06 Sep 2013 21:11

Thank you......we hope to pop over next week.
I am now "retired"and our journey to Gozo begins!
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