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State schools/education

schools that teach in english

Here's the place to discuss schools in the state system. Private schools are commercially operated businesses just like any other, so they're included with all the other premium content. Any posts here about non-state schools will be removed.

schools that teach in english

Postby dreamer2013 » Sun 8 Sep 2013 06:56 GMT

Hello All

I was hoping someone could answer the old schools in English question. I have read the past posts but it all seems a bit unclear if schools will actually teach ion English even if required to.
I was hoping to find a school for a 9 and a 5 year old that teaches in English in the state sector.
I don't know which area to settle in but was thinking Melhiha because I read it's kind of a family area. I would like to be at a school with a few expat kidz if poss. I would consider another area if anyone knows of a school that fits the bill.
I am going to come over in a week to have a look and was wondering if anyone actually has kidz at a specific school that does teach in English, rather than theoretical possibilities. Then I could visit a school and speak to someone on the ground.
Many thanks if anyone can be of help
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