Whats St.Pauls Bay Like

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Whats St.Pauls Bay Like

Postby sunnyside » Tue 08 Oct 2013 19:30

Hi, i got offered a good deal on an apartment on St.Pauls Bay, it would normally be out of my budget but since im renting from Oct-May so im sure at the cut price both are benefiting.

I havent been to Malta before, from reading other posts Sliema was my favourite on paper but my plan is to visit a few places and see. I'm afraid once i see this place ill fall in love with it and not even bother visiting other places.

I will be working online so i can work from anywhere with decent internet. Im with my girlfriend and were in our late 20's/early 30's so i don't want somewhere too quiet but also not mad into clubbing would be more into a few drinks down the local, live bands and shows and that kind of thing mostly on weekends as i work during the week.

Since im arriving in Oct i am not sure what to expect, will a lot of the places close down in some areas? I ideally want somewhere that has shops, bars etc within walking distance or at least close access to bus route i can get to them. I may rent a car/moped but sounds like the bus route is pretty good and if there are nearby stores for shopping i probably wont need them that often.

Other than been in a central area thats not too quiet, having good internet and plenty of stores nearby im easy enough. Is St.Pauls bay the type of place that becomes a ghost town in winter or is there enough expats living there to keep things rolling over, is there any alternatives to St.Pauls that fits my criteria above?
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