Shop with apartment in Gozo?

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Shop with apartment in Gozo?

Postby maxine » Mon 28 Jul 2014 15:40

Has anyone ever come across a shop and apartment as a single rentable unit? We are looking at the possibility of moving our business to Gozo as the Mellieha rents are very expensive and we are looking for a small shop. Of course we also need an apartment and so it would be nice to combine them both.

If anyone knows of anything then please let me know - otherwise we will start looking for separate units.

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Postby Ghawdex » Mon 28 Jul 2014 22:24

I'm following your thread maxine as i'd love to know as welll - when I go down that would be lovely to have a combi-unit. Do let me know if you find something :)

I see you have a small business down there-when I finally get home I am looking to do the same given how shite the wages are there.

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