national health service

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national health service

Postby cornerofsilence » Mon 04 Apr 2005 16:53

Can anyone tell what the National Health service is like in NZ/

Cost of prescriptions?
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Postby harlowfamily » Sat 30 Apr 2005 21:38

Hi Susan
I've found the health service to be good - however I'm lucky as the local medical centre is staffed by English doctors. The cost of visiting a GP seems to vary. The doctors I go to are part of a bigger group so give diccounts and I pay about $15 for a consultation, $10 for kids. However I have a rental property in Hamilton and the English family staying there said she had to pay $50 to see a doctor with the kids for free. This seems pricey to me.
If you have an acident it is coverered by ACC which is similar to National INsurance - the medical costs are paid for you. My Mum came over to visit from UK in January and tripped and broke her ankle. We went to the hospital and she didn't have to pay a thing. I think NZ has a reciprocal agreement with NZ for emergency medical costs.
There are also some 'private' medical centres which you visit out of hours or if you don;t want to queue at A&E at big hospital ( where you can wait several hours just like UK).
Prescriptions seem to vary too - again becasue my GP is part of a group the prescriptions are subsidised and depends on what you need but I pay between $3 - $18 for an average medicine. Don't know if this is cheap compared to other places though.
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Postby Ann Crum » Sun 01 May 2005 08:08

New Zealand is not cheap for doctors visits and prescription. Doctors costs vary from surgery to surgery. I pay $25 to visit my doc (I live in a greater Wellington region suburb). Cost vary and can be as much as $50 per visit. Most (but not all) medicines are subsidised and again subsidy varies. You can pay $3 for one medicine and $30 for another - it depends on the medication. I think children under 6 years of age are free, but you do pay for their prescriptions. ACC is similar to National Insurance but is for accidents only. It is not free - you pay in the region of $10 to visit the doctor and if you're granted ACC for an accident which prevents you from working you get paid 80% of your wage. I can't remember but think prescription charges are the same but you can claim them back from ACC and get 80% of the cost refunded. Hope this helps.
Ann Crum
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national health service

Postby NICQUIE » Sun 01 May 2005 14:53

Hi all from reading your posts I can see that the ACC pay's for emergiences, but what about regular ops like a hernia op, or a heart bypass? here in the uk this would all be free would you need to take out private medical insurance to cover these costs like they do in the states?
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