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Semey City

Semey City

Postby db5ced » Tue 1 Oct 2013 09:57 GMT

I have been offered a teaching position at an International school in Semey City and had a few questions about the place.

I have a wife and two children, aged 9 and 7. I am unsure at this stage whether to bring them out with me. My wife is very reluctant but to be honest we know very little about the country and the city so I feel it is unfair to dismiss it out of hand until we know more about the place.

One option would be to come out on my own, experience the place and then feed back some info to my wife and hopefully persuade her to join me. My concern is that It would be a lonely time for me. I don't speak and Russian or Kazak, although I would try to learn, and I assume I wouldn't be able to get british TV. I would also obviously miss my family.

Alternatively if we got some information about the place and she decided she would try it then we could all move out there. The problem then would be if we didn't like it and wanted to move back and she had left her job and we had taken the kids out of a school they enjoy.

Basically any information about the place, living standards, types of accomodation, quality of life, food and groceries, british tv?, resteraunts, things to do (especially for a 9 and 7 year old), quality of education for my kids. Any info on that would be great thanks.
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