wedding reception

wedding reception

Postby kellie » Mon 04 Feb 2008 17:34

Hi - I am getting married in October and am after suggestions for somewhere for a wedding reception in Paphos.
Pleas help!!
Kellie Nixon
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Postby cathrin10 » Wed 30 Jul 2014 10:47

I am very excited for my wedding day and have selected Seattle Wedding venues which I had selected for my engagement also. It is really a perfect place and do not need so much decoration as its interior is already beautiful.
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Postby Graeme » Wed 30 Jul 2014 13:58

Oddly enough Seattle is in the USA and a long way from Cyprus so I think your message was a way to sneak in a quick advert. You are also 6 years too late and that's why the [url] was removed.
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