Advice re accounts for company holding our house

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Advice re accounts for company holding our house

Postby dirdn » Tue 16 Mar 2010 19:22

Hi Guys, we bought a couple of houses in BG september 2008, we initialy intended moving there but then things changed and we ended up staying in france.
So now we are going to use one as a holiday home and maybe sell the other.

My question is this, we bought them both from bulgarianproperties, we paid the initial mentenance fee etc.

But we have received an email saying our accounts for the company we had to register to buy them ae now due and they want 200euros to do them

I pesume as we have not traded the company its just there to hold the prroperties, so i pesume the accounts will just be a summary sheet showing 0 as it would be for a UK company? in which case 200euos sounds expensive?

any advice would be appreciated, anyone got a idea of what it would cost with someone else or any info on anyone who does it at a lower price?
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Lots to do

Postby thetravelbug » Fri 30 Apr 2010 07:53

Actually 200 Euros is probably fairly reasonable, some people are paying 500 Euros or more. I pay around 100 Euros but I have several houses, although am still non-trading.

However, under new rules and regulations, even if non-trading details of all properties, insurances, social security benefits etc have to be given, reports produced and announced in local papers/ at trade registry.

And think from June this year there is yet another tax coming in that will be around 50 Euros a year for each and every company.

If you don't file your annual accounts there are very hefty fines - up to 5000 levs in some cases.
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Accounts advice

Postby comdis » Sun 23 May 2010 14:11

Hi there
im bill i have property in bezhanovo (dobrich district)We We actualy did our own accounts yhis year as my wife is an accountsnt . the advice i have from the tax office is that from 2010 you do not have to be a registered company to own a property but unfortunatly you have to do your accounts for this year wich would be nil and yea if you dont do your own then you will have to pay the 200 euros. We WIL HOWEVER BE DEREGISTERING FROM JULY PLEASE DO IT SO YOU CAN AVOID ANY FUTURE BILL FOR YOUR ACCOUNTS THANKS BILL
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Postby Trev » Wed 23 Jun 2010 15:38

Hi Bill,

Some of the information you post appears to be useful, however, it is very difficult to read, would you please be kind enough to read the following post.

How to make your post readable

Thanks in advance
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