nova scotia from england any help at all, please!

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nova scotia from england any help at all, please!

Postby big dave » Mon 28 Aug 2006 20:32

Hi, my wife and I (and the cats) are looking to emigrate to NS, what we need to know is realistically how long will we be looking at to get out there? I am a lorry (semi) driver and my wife is a hairdresser/colour tech. we have been doing these jobs since we left school and are both in our late thirties. We have a house to sell in England and so will have enough money to buy property in NS, we're not bothered if we have to use a agency (any reccomendations) or go for sponsorship (any help greatly appreciated).
Also has anyone else took cats with them I wont leave mine here so they have to come with us, any info?
Is it best to buy a house before we go over or to rent initially?
Help Please!
Big Dave and Angel
big dave
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Postby wendy » Wed 30 Aug 2006 10:53

Hi Dave,

we have lived in NS for 14 months now and love it here. My hubby came over as a truck driver as well. We came the PR way and only took us 18months, (before all the back log started.) Your best way is to contact as many companies as you can, and your wife too, as she will have college expereince. I know she would have to resit an exam for hairdressing, and you would have to re-take all your driving tests here, air brakes included. Our neighbours here are from UK and they have a great resettlemnet agency www.uk2novascotia they can give you so much good advice and put you in a good direction. Your best way would be a driver or wife a hairdresser through PNP. You need to get a solid job offer.
With your cats lots of people have bought them over no problem.
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Postby dell boy » Sun 03 Sep 2006 15:17

hi all, dave im in the same boat as you, truck driver looking to emmigrate, i too have a house to sell.

what i cant understand is paying someone nearly 6 grand just to help us move, is this really nessacary? seems like all these agents are tryin to make an easy buck.

the way i understand it you must have enough funds to cover ones family family for 6 months, how is this calculated.

it also seems that canada is extremely desperate for truck drivers, so why do they make it soooo difficult to get there? (not very welcoming)

this is a real big, hopefully life changing decision, but the way this process seems to be, i dont know if it will ever happen.

if anyone has some tips, please let me know, big dave, id be interested in finding out how your getting on with it, cheers dell boy

ps im not suggesting it should all be made easy, canada has its right to choose(wish england did) but if they need certain people (and those people have funds to support themselves) then why not make it a little easier. at the end of the day i only want to work
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