What is Whitby (Ontario) like?

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What is Whitby (Ontario) like?

Postby Peanut » Wed 12 May 2010 15:04

Hi all.

We are a family of five moving to Whitby from just outside London (UK)with my husbands job. He will be working in Water Street and I wondered if anyone out there is familiar with Whitby and could advise me about good areas to look for a house to rent near good schools or, conversely, any areas to avoid...

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Postby Kay » Wed 12 May 2010 15:48

Hi Peanut and welcome to the forum. (I'm not sure if I'd already said welcome.)

As the Moving to Canada forum description states: "All about the practicalities of physically moving to Canada... For first arrivals - temporary accommodation, making new friends, culture shock... Please DO NOT use this board for questions which belong on other boards, eg immigration, housing, schools, etc."

I'll shift your posting to our Choosing where to live forum for you.

Hope this helps.
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Postby ShaunT » Fri 03 Sep 2010 14:32

Hi I guess you are probably there by now and already know what it is like. I have to say I find it a great little place. My girlfriend lives there.

Not far from the Go station so takes around 40 minutes Toronto. You're around 1 hour from the airport.
Driving from Toronto can be a nightmare on the 401 but then is it really any worse than being stuck on the M25.

People are friend and it has everything you could need fairly close to hand :)
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