Diabetes costs

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Diabetes costs

Postby CatA79 » Thu 04 Apr 2013 21:33

HI I am hoping to emigrate with my partner to Canada and am an insulin dependent diabetic currently on pump therapy paid for by my local healthcare authority and obviously as an nhs patient everything prescription wise related to my diabetes is totally free. I have been doing a little research and aside from pump therapy being uncommon I have noticed that the cost of my insulin is astronomical! One pharmacy has quoted $980 for 5 10ml vials. There is no way on earth i could afford this. Any diabetics who can give me a little info or guidancee
on this please as its quite scary. I potentially will be coming over on an intra company transfer, if not my partner will be on an LMO so i won't be able to work. How will this affect things?
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Postby Buddyboy » Mon 03 Jun 2013 18:45

Hi Cat: I don't have a lot of information for you about this, but ... Costs like this here can be very high. However, if one of the spouses has a permanent job, the vast majority of such jobs come with the benefit of additional medical coverage. While health care here is free, drug costs are not. The costs become very limited once you turn 65, but until then you would look to employment coverage to pay for them. You mentioned an intra-company transfer. You should check with that company what medical benefits they provide.
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