Truck driver jobs in Nova Scotia??

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Truck driver jobs in Nova Scotia??

Postby welshthunder » Fri 10 Feb 2012 19:28

My family are seriously looking into moving to Nova Scotia but the availability of jobs is a concern. My husband is a truck driver with plenty of experience behind the wheel, currently he is working in the logging industry and tends to work 65+ hours a week. Would really love to hear from anyone who is trucking in Nova Scotia for any advice about jobs, pay e.t.c. Trying to do as much research as possible to see if our dream is at all viable. Im a stay at home mom to our two kids aged 10 and 7. :?
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Postby tomy7 » Tue 26 Nov 2013 09:43

Probably I am too late to reply. Still I believe I should reply to this post. It may be helpful to you if your husband has [link removed]HR truck license QLD[/url]. You can PM me for more information.
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Postby Graeme » Tue 26 Nov 2013 20:23

Someday you should explain how a driving school in Australia can help you with driving in Canada, ignoring they drive on opposite sides of the road, the huge expense involved etc. Doh.
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