english speaking schools

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english speaking schools

Postby kerry bishop » Mon 13 Feb 2006 18:32

my family and i are considering moving to the bergerac area of france (we already have family living there) and would prefer our children to go to an english speaking school (and obviously learn french too),does any one have any experience of english speaking schools in that area?
thanks kerry 8)
kerry bishop
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Postby tonyspencer » Fri 09 Jun 2006 14:11

You will find the odd school in large cities eg Paris or Lyon, but not elsewhere. (How many French speaking schools do you know in the UK?).

The kids will have to be thrown in the deep end, or you'll have to board them in the UK.
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Acting School in English

Postby jchazelle » Fri 08 Sep 2006 16:07

I don't know about Bergerac, but in Paris there are English-speaking schools like the American School of Paris and also recreational schools, like the acting school, Spam Acting Workshop - 01.SP.AM.SP.AM, info@spamacting.com. They offer [spam] classes in English and summer [spam].

Hope that helps,

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Postby ruggie » Sun 10 Sep 2006 07:09

If you do searches for 'international school france' and 'ecole bilingue' you'll find out where these schools are. But there won't be any in Bergerac and they aren't boarding schools. However, you'll generally find that French school staff and pupls make a big effort to get foreign children up to speed in French.
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