cost of funerals

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cost of funerals

Postby willowplace » Thu 03 Feb 2011 17:26

as you all can see, i,m a newbee, what is the cost of a basic funeral in france,my wife and i are getting ready for a move as spain is not for us, we are not dying yet but you never know!! other items concerning france i think we can find on this site,thanks
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Postby ruggie » Wed 13 Apr 2011 10:43

Burial or cremation? Cremation is still comparatively rare in France. Probably worth checking what the insurance companies offer - that will give you a guide to common practice.

If you do a Google search 'tarif pompes funebres' you'll find two or three sites that will give a free estimate based on what kind of funeral you want and where you live. You fill in a form and will then receive a free 'devis' from one or more local companies.
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