SPAMDA HEALING ENERGY [SHE] , The World Most Powerful Energy

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SPAMDA HEALING ENERGY [SHE] , The World Most Powerful Energy

Postby shanspamda11 » Thu 16 Dec 2010 10:14

SPAMDA introduced by Prof. Dr. A. Spamad Musafir; is an ancient healing system, it is a vital force and Healing Energy for the life. SPAMDA Healing Energy has a positive impact on negative thinking or negative behavior or diseases. It is a powerful and forceful treatment and carries many benefits for both, the healer and the patient. SHE also decreases the side-affects of other methods of treatment like allopathic, homeopathic medicines. Being a positive force SPAMDA Healing Energy can not harm or discomfort any body it provides relief and increases the life force of a body.

SPAMDA Healing Energy works along with other treatments and brings harmony between different treatment methods so that the treatment methods are more effective and more powerful. SPAMDA Healing Energy is an intelligent energy which directly goes to the effected part of the body and provides instant relief to the affected part of the body and stimulates the energy centres present in the body. Psychological and emotional disorders can very easily be removed through SHE.

SPAMDA Healing Energy is very beneficial for children as it brings very pleasant change in their personalities. Children learn it much faster than elders. SHE increases the confidence level of kids and increases their intelligence; after learning SPAMDA children start taking more interest in studies and other positive activities.

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Postby Dave » Thu 16 Dec 2010 16:15

There you are, you see? Evidently pork and ham are good for you - Dr Musafir says so, so it must be true. :roll:
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