Five questions about British TV sitcoms (1) – Quick Quiz Answers

We asked you five fiendish questions about British TV sitcoms. Here come the answers!

  1. In the 2001 Christmas Special of Only Fools and Horses which quiz show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, did Del appear in?
    Gold Rush, based loosely on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Don’t bother trying to apply to take part yourself – it never actually existed.
  2. Who wrote Keeping Up Appearances, Last of the Summer Wine and Open All Hours?
    Roy Clarke. Born in 1930 in Austerfield near Doncaster, Clarke had several jobs before establishing himself as a writer in the early 1970s – at various times he was a teacher, policeman, soldier, salesman and taxi driver.
  3. In The Office, Martin Freeman played the character Tim. What was Tim’s surname?
    Canterbury. Tim was Freeman’s breakthrough role – he’s since appeared in a range of films and TV shows ranging from Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit to Dr John Watson in Sherlock.
  4. Which actor played George Roper in George and Mildred?
    Brian Murphy, who first played the role in the earlier sitcom Man About The House alongside screen wife Yootha Joyce. His latest role was in BBC hospital drama Holby City in 2014.
    …Too easy for you? OK, what was the name of George’s pet goldfish?
  5. Where was One Foot in the Grave filmed: Christchurch, Colchester or Cardiff?
    Those of you who know your geography of popular retirement destinations will probably have guessed that the answer’s Christchurch. A staggering 29.7 per cent of its residents are retired.

How did you get on? Why not let us know?

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