Five general knowledge questions 2 – Quick Quiz

Just for a change, the subject for this month’s quiz is pot luck. Depending on how general, or otherwise, your knowledge is you’ll find it fiendishly difficult or an easy ride. Either way, we hope it makes you smile and you might even learn something new.

  1. Which English monarch’s motto was Semper eadem (“Always the same”)?
  2. Here are two groups of words. Your job is to match the words in Group A with the descriptions in Group B.
    Group A

    1. matcha
    2. pelisse
    3. agnatha
    4. telemea

    Group B

    1. part of a military uniform or ladies’ fashion item (historical)
    2. ewes’ milk cheese
    3. powdered green tea
    4. jawless fish
  3. The plant cirsium vulgare is a national emblem of which country?
  4. In which country is the world’s longest railway platform? A bonus point if you can name the city.
  5. Full Throttle, Dr Wham, Bawls and Minute Maid are all brand names of what type of consumer product?

Check your answers here!

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2 thoughts on “Five general knowledge questions 2 – Quick Quiz

  1. I am a 92 year old WW2 Royal Navy veteran living in West Australia, and i could have a few ww2 stories regarding my ship HMS Renown battle cruiser & Churchill

  2. Hi Victor,

    Welcome to BE! I’m interested to hear your WW2 stories. You could post them on our forum in Chinwags. (It’s free to join but you’ll need to register before you can post.) Alternatively you could send them to me for publication here on the main BE site – I can email you with my email address. (I’m not posting it online to prevent spammers from using it.)



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