Five questions about cheesy English county slogans – Quick Quiz answers

We challenged you to identify any of the counties below from their cheesy marketing slogans. Here come the answers!

  1. County of Opportunity
    What marks Hertfordshire out as having more opportunity to offer than other counties? Any idea? Please comment below and tell us!
  2. A place where everyone matters
    Why on earth would a county with a strong existing identity dump it in favour of bland pap like this? Yet that’s what the Red Rose County did. For shame, Lancashire!
  3. The Creative County
    This is Staffordshire‘s slogan. What’s particularly creative about Staffordshire? Well, OK, there’s Burton-upon-Trent if you’re a beer lover. And the Potteries if you like ceramics. After that, we’re struggling. JCBs?
  4. Home of England’s Finest Gardens
    This slogan sounds as if Cheshire happened to win an award in one particular year and are determined to capitalise on it for the rest of all eternity.
  5. Let Yourself Grow
    The perpetrators of this meaningless twaddle managed to foist it on the county council of Northamptonshire. Fortunately they’ve now abandoned it. In favour of, um, “Love Northamptonshire”. But at least they’re not putting that on the road signs.

How did you get on? Why not let us know?

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