Five questions about English county slogans – Quick Quiz answers

We asked you to match five English counties with the slogans they use on the name signs at their boundaries. Here come the answers!

  1. Shakespeare’s County
    e. Warwickshire. Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and died there on 23 April 1616, although he spent much of his working life in London.
  2. Garden of England
    c. Kent. The title’s been disputed on occasion – Jane Austen has one of her characters state that she has never heard any county but Surrey called by the title, and North Yorkshire came first in a UKTV Style Gardens survey. But Kent’s orchards and hop gardens set it apart as something special.
  3. Land of the Prince Bishops
    a. Co. Durham. Under the Normans Co. Durham was designated a County Palatine, where the local earl held extra authority and was able to rule more or less independently of the king, although he would still owe the king allegiance. In the case of Co. Durham, the local earl happened to be the Bishop of Durham, who exercised temporal authority in the county until 1836.
  4. Nelson’s County
    d. Norfolk. Britain’s foremost naval hero, Horatio Nelson was born in Burnham Thorpe near the north-western Norfolk coast in 1758 and attended schools in North Walsham and Norwich before going to sea aged 12 in HMS Raisonnable, commanded by his uncle. He suffered from seasickness all his life.
  5. Jane Austen County
    b. Hampshire. Relatively little is known of Jane Austen’s life as most of the documentary evidence has been lost, but she was born in Steventon rectory near Basingstoke in 1775 and died in Winchester in 1817, aged 41.

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